Monday, February 19, 2007


Ég veit...búinn að vera ógeðslega latur að blogga. Fannst þetta bara svo ógeðslega fyndið að ég varð að deila þessu með einhverjum:

Everyone vaguely understands what "postmodernism" is, yet no one actually knows what it means. Close your eyes and toss a shoe across the room and the chances are you'll hit something postmodern, especially if you're a saddo with a house full of po-faced furnishings.

Critics claim the term postmodern is merely a polite substitute for "smart-arsed". Post-modernists simultaneously agree and disagree with this analysis in a morally relativistic, smart-arsed sort of way, before disappearing in a puff of irony and reappearing on the panel of a pointless late-night cultural review show aimed at the sort of simpering dick who chuckles politely in theatres each time one of the characters cracks a joke about King Lear or Nietzsche or the French or criticism or politics or architecture or any of the other subjects playwrights like to crack miserably piss-weak jokes about for an audience of several dozen tittering eggheads.

In summary, the single most important function of post-modernism is to give medium-wave intellectuals a clever-sounding phrase to masturbate with while the rest of us get on with our lives and ignore them.

Þessi snilld kemur frá dálkahöfundinum Charlie Brooker sem skrifar í Guardian,,1990543,00.html

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